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ABC INC. - New York, NY

Client: ABC, Inc.


The midtown New York facilities contain all of ABC's New York operations including sound stages, studios, dressing rooms, offices and support areas. This Walt Disney Company owns 10 television stations and reaches 24% of the nation's TV households. Some of the projects we have completed for ABC at these facilities are:


  • Refrigerant Monitoring Systems: This project consisted of providing the engineering design for refrigerant monitoring, alarm and ventilation system control for five central chiller plants located in ABC's facilities in New York City. The installation of these systems was implemented to provide for a safe environment for ABC personnel and to comply with the building codes.

  • Another project for Time Square Studios, an affiliate of the Walt Disney Company, involved developing a comprehensive facility maintenance request for proposal used for contractor bidding for this 24/7 broadcast facility. The scope of work included interviewing personnel, documenting equipment, reviewing procurement procedures and preparing the bid document.

  • Cooling tower upgrade

  • Sewage ejector pump system

  • Steam condensate system

  • UPS system

  • Fuel oil tank replacement

  • Secure ventilation systems outside air intakes

  • New central chilled water plant


Client: Rochdale Village, Inc.


Rochdale Village located in Jamaica, Queens is a housing complex consisting of 20 high-rise buildings with a population of approximately 30,000 people. Electricity, heating and cooling is provided by a central power plant.


TAS Engineering, PC has provided engineering services for a variety of projects at Rochdale Village including:


  • Replacement of 80'-0" high, 6'-0" diameter boiler stacks.

  • A lightning protection system for the Central Plant.

  • RPZ backflow prevention on the water services for all buildings.

  • The upgrade of fire standpipe tank alarm system for all buildings.

  • Chillers replacement for a 12,000 ton steam absorption chiller plant.

  • The HVAC and electrical systems design for systems replacement of a United States Post Office managed by Rochdale Village.


Client: Emigrant Savings Bank


Faced with the imminent failure of two, 450 ton capacity, high pressure steam absorption chillers, TAS Engineering, PC was retained to analyze the available chiller plant options.


The selected design was to replace the two absorption chillers and install a new 300 ton, variable speed, electric centrifugal chiller with a dedicated, closed cell evaporative cooling tower. All new piping, pumps, electrical and controls were also provided. Since the building is located on a very busy 42nd street and the mechanical room is located on the 17th floor, detailed planning was required for rigging and installation of the equipment.


Due to a very small window of time between cooling seasons, the construction schedule was very tight and closely planned. All equipment was pre-purchased by the owner. Construction began late December and the plant was in operation for the first warm day of the cooling season.


NYU Rogers Hall

NYU Tandon School of Engineering - Brooklyn, NY

Client: Perkins Eastman


As a part of the complete engineering building renovation, TAS Engineering was retained to design for a new rooftop air handling unit sized for 44,000 cfm. The system was carefully designed to accommodate existing roof conditions and for connection into the main building air distribution system. The project required relocation of existing laboratory systems, connections into the central plant, equipment selection, ductwork design and a new electric service up to the roof.


Client: Emigrant Savings Bank


This project was termed by Emigrant Bank as nothing less than the "Extreme Makeover - Corporate Edition". The fast track, total renovation of this 75 year old former bank building was completed and the building open for business 55 days after Emigrant Savings Bank took title to the building. TAS Engineering, P.C. provided the HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire alarm systems design for the building to function as a modern day banking facility including teller services, online banking support with data center and back office support.


The project included all new utility services, fuel oil system, boiler plant, emergency generator, electrical distribution and air conditioning systems.

Emigrant Ossining


Client: RiverBay Corporation


This Mitchell-Lama state supervised middle income housing complex with apartments in 35 high rise buildings, 236 two family houses and three shopping centers received a grant from NYS Energy Research & Development Administration (NYSERDA). The program and funding is keyed to energy savings projects. TAS Engineering, PC prepared the plans and specifications for the energy efficient lighting upgrade of corridors, apartments, stairwells and common areas throughout the complex. Over 95,000 fixtures are to be replaced or retrofitted.

Co-op City
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